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Wallaloo Park is a family owned and managed business located south of Marnoo in the Wimmera district of Victoria. The business operates a 2500ha mixed enterprise farming system, including cropping and livestock enterprises.

Wallaloo Park merino stud was founded in 1978, currently running 1200 stud and 600 commercial ewes.  Utilizing the latest technology to enhance genetic gain, through both ASBV’s and stringent visual classing, Wallaloo Park is at the forefront of the merino and poll merino industry. A renowned leader of innovation, depth and service to the industry. Impacting both stud and commercial growers across Australia and abroad.

As always, we will be out and about at shows, sales and field days, so we’d love to catch up with you at the following:


Events, Ram Sale
By Trent Carter

28th On Property Ram Sale – Thursday 12th September 2019

The only opportunity for the calendar year, to purchase Wallaloo Park genetics. Held on property at Marnoo with 196 rams on offer for 2019. All sale rams will be tethered on...

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2016 sale top price
By Trent Carter / 20th September 2016

2016 Sale Report

Interstate interest at Wallaloo Park Written by: Joely Mitchell (Stock & Land) 16 Sep 2016 Despite heavy rain and flooding in some parts of North West Victoria, buyers from across...

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By Trent Carter / 6th September 2016

2016 Sale Catalogue

  The 2016 Wallaloo Park 'Top of the Drop' Sale Catalogue Please note that there may be changes made up until sale day, with pending wool tests. So please double check...

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