WP 150422

wallaloo park 150422

Sire: Moorundie Park 306

Dam: WP 132465 x WP ‘Real Deal’
DOB: April 2015
Micron: 21.9
CV %: 16.4
SD: 3.6
% > 30: 1.5

Body Wt: 118kg in September 2016

Tested “PP” Double Copy

WP 422 is an ET bred poll sire with tremendous virtues.

His mother is one of our best ewes breed by Real Deal, 422 as a lamb was the standout of that ET drop.

His deep strong bold crimping fibre, carries exceptional length, density and softness.

Stands faultless with a leg in each corner, and a soft pure muzzle.

WP 422 is a young sire that had created a huge amount of interest in 2016.

He cut right on 12 kgs for 7 months growth in September 2016

Lambs are showing exceptional early virtues.
wallaloo park 150422Wallaloo Park 422wp-422-wool


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