Walladale Family Reborn

  • July 4, 2016
  • Trent Carter

The Walladale brand was first established in 2001, promoting a dual purpose breeding focus, in the Wallaloo Park genetic package.

The ‘Walladale’ name has been reborn, due to market demands. This will be a measured breeding direction. Through the help of ASBVs, which have been measured and used in Wallaloo Park for 5 years now.

The Walladale family will be driven by ASBV selection pressure to utilize productivity, while also still maintaining a stringent visual classing regime.

First steps have already been taken with the assistance from Mark Ferguson from the New Zealand Merino Co, selecting a nucleus of ewes specially chosen from the Wallaloo Park ewe base that will complement the Walladale breeding focus. We are pleased with the upcoming progeny from our first specially selected outcross.

We are all very excited to see where this family will take us. We believe it will complement the strong, predictable Wallaloo Park breeding direction in the future!

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