WP 140411

SGA: 601332-2014-140411

Sire: GP 455
DOB: April 2014
Micron: 21.1
CV%: 15.8
%>30: 0.7

Body weight: 147kg in July 2016

WP 411 carries the ‘Double Copy’ poll gene.


Wallaloo Park 411 is a well balanced, structurally sound sire, with a wide rear end and a meaty hindquarter.

He is a sire that will appeal to both visual and ASBV selective breeders.

A ram that is well suited for demanding environments, strengthened by his strong constitution.

The perfect balance to lift returns.

As a mature age ram he was the heaviest cutting ram in the WP sire team, with his 2016 progeny providing proven breeding results, with the added increase in strengthened ASBVs.

A number of sons will be retained at Wallaloo Park for 2017.


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