WP ‘Eureka’


SGA:  601332-2012-121357

Sire: WP 717P
DOB: May 2012
Micron: 19.9
CV %: 14.4 
SD: 2.9
% > 30: 0.4

Body Wt: 121kg on 19th September 2013

Eureka carries the ‘Double Copy’ Poll Gene.

‘Eureka’ exhibits great stature, length of body and leg with a great topline.  He carries a very strong pure muzzle with a great temperament.

Well covered to the points his fibre is rich, nourished and has great density.

‘Eureka’ cut 8.2kg for 6 months growth in October 2013.

Eureka’s first drop of lambs showed great length of leg & body with rich skins. They have followed through to exceptional 1 year old rams, which Have highlighted in the 2015 selling season.

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