WP 150422


Sire: Moorundie Park 306

Dam: WP 132465 x WP ‘Real Deal’
DOB: April 2015
Micron: 21.9
CV %: 16.4
SD: 3.6
% > 30: 1.5

Tested “PP” Double Copy

WP 422 is an ET bred poll sire with tremendous virtues.

His mother is one of our best ewes breed by Real Deal, 422 as a lamb was the standout of that ET drop.

His deep strong bold crimping fibre, carries exceptional length, density and softness.

Stands faultless with a leg in each corner, and a soft pure muzzle.

WP 422 is a proven sire who has injected virtues across the Merino Industry.  With limited doses available the opportunity to secure proven genetics will not last long 

50 dose order as a minimum 
wallaloo park 150422Wallaloo Park 422wp-422-wool


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