Wallaloo Park ‘MAXIMUS’

Sire: WP 657
DOB: May 07
Micron: 18.2                                          
SD: 2.7
%>30: 0.2
Body Wt: 123 kg

His superior virtues of:

  • Body growth,130 days -62kg(growth rate 476 grams per day), 300 days -92kg.
  • Wool growth (16mm per month), and wool quality had been obvious since lamb marking.
  • Sound structure with wide, deep hindquarters & chest
  • Big wool cut on a plain body. Total cut = 10.25 kgs(from birth to 9 months old)
  • Soft, long well nourished wool shows excellent colour and crimp
  • His superb temperament is complimented with a high head set and soft pure muzzle

A proven stud poll sire:

  • 29 Maximus sons sold at 2009 auction averaged $ 4,000
  • Maximus sons reign supreme at 2011 Elders SA Stud Merino Expo at Burra.
  • Greenfields Stud, Hallet ,SA wins Ram of the year with a son of Wallaloo Park Maximus.
  • Roemakita stud, Cummins, SA wins the prestigious; Ramsey All purpose Ram hogget competition, With 2 poll maximus sons. 1st place a Case IH scout worth $14,000.
  • North Ashrose was awarded 2nd place with 2 maximus grandsons by WP 306, purchased in 2009 for $22,000.

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